Get your dessert "Tableside Flambé" with fresh fruit - bananas, mangos or strawberries

Gelato & Sorbet in Natural Shell

Orange sorbet in natural orange shell

Lemon sorbet in natural lemon shell

Mandarin sorbet in natural mandarin shell

Gelato Individual Desserts 

Coppa Caffe
Fire-di-latte gelato with rich coffee and pure cocoa swirl, presented in a dessert glass cup

Flute Limoncello
Refreshing lemon gelato decorated with a limoncello swirl, presented in an elegant champagne glass

Coppa Spagnola
A classic amarena cherry and vanilla gelato swirl topped with amarena cherries, presented in a dessert glass cup

Piña Colada
Coconut gelato and chucks of pineapple topped with chocolate bits, presented in a dessert glass cup

Traditional Sicilian semifreddo cream combining zabaglione and chocolate ice creams, a heart of semifreddo cream, candied fruit and caramelized hazelnuts

Chocolate and vanilla ice cream separated by mixed sliced nuts with a cherry center, and coated with semi-sweet chocolate

Tartufo (Chocolate)
Classic Tartufo with a zabaglione cream center, covered with chocolate gelato and caramelized hazelnuts, topped with cocoa powder

Tartufo Limoncello
Lemon gelato with a limoncello (lemon liqueur) cream center, covered with meringue sprinkles

Tartufo Cappuccino
Cappuccino gelato with an espresso center, covered with coffee-flavored meringue sprinkles


Ricotta Cheesecake
Italian cheesecake delicately textured with a hint of natural orange oil

Three layers of sponge cake soaked with coffee and liqueur, filled with zabaglione cream, dusted with cocoa powder

Amaretto Cake
Two layers of sponge cake filled with cream and a hint of liqueur, decorated with macaroons and Chantilly cream rosettes

Bitter Chocolate Mousse
Dark chocolate mousse one a chocolate sponge base, dusted with cocoa powder

Amarena Cherry - Chocolate - Chocolate Chip - Chocolate Chip Mint - Coffee
French Vanilla - Gianduia - Hazelnut - Mocha- Pistachio - Pumpkin (Seasonal)
Strawberry - Vanilla Bean - White Chocolate - Zabaglione (Seasonal)


Blood Orange - Cassis - Champagne (Seasonal) - Chocolate - Coconut - Lemon
Lime - Mandarin - Mango - Melon - Mixed Berry - Passion Fruit - Peach 
Pineapple - Raspberry - Strawberry

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