Appetizer’s, Soup & Salad

Bruschetta ... $9.95

Mozzarella Caprese ... $11.95
Fresh Mozzarella with tomato & basil

Insalata Di Mare ... $13.95
A medley of fresh seafood, drizzled with lemon & olive oil

Carpaccio Arugola ... $12.95
Razor thin filet mignon, crowned with shaved parmigiana cheese, fresh arugola, capers and drizzled with olive oil

Calamari Fritti ... $11.95
Breaded Calamari Rings, with fresh tomato (choice sweet or hot)

Calamari Arrabbiata ... $11.95
Sauteed with olive oil, garlic and spicy tomato sauce

Melenzane ... $11.95
Eggplant, stuffed with ricotta cheese served with fresh tomato sauce

Zuppa (soup)

Minestrone ... $8.95
Hearty Vegetable Soup

Pasta & Fagioli ... $9.95
Bean and pasta & prosciutto for seasoning

Stracciatella Romano ... $9.95
Egg drop, spinach and parmesan cheese in a chicken broth

Insalate (salad)

Cesare Classica ... $8.95
For Two ... $10.95
Romaine hearts tosses with Caesar dressing and croutons

Mista ... $8.95
For Two ... $10.95
Baby mixed greens with tangy vinaigrette

Milano ... $9.95
For Two ... $11.95
Arugola and spinach with balsamic vinaigrette, topped with avocado and orange slices

Del Bosco ... $9.95
For Two ... $11.95
Mixed Greens, goat cheese, caramelized walnuts, bosco pears, with homemade honey mustard

Risotti (arborio rice)

Risotto Misto di Funghi ... $15.95
White wine, shallots and wild mushrooms

Risotto Milano ... $15.95
Shallots sweet sausage and peas

Risotto Pescatore ... $18.95
Mixed seafood, clams and mussels simmered in fish stock with chopped tomatoes

Pasta & Basta

Spaghetti Al Pomodoro ... $14.95
Spaghetti, tomato sauce, fresh basil

Spaghetti Pepe Rosso ... $14.95
Spaghetti, roast garlic, olive oil, peperoncino and parmigiana cheese

Spaghetti Bolognese ...$14.95
Spaghetti, homemade beef ragu

Spaghetti Puttanesca ... $15.95
Spaghetti, in a robust tomato sauce with garlic, capers and a touch of anchovies

Spaghetti Meatball or Sausage ... $15.95
Homemade meatball or sausage with fresh tomato sauce

Capellini Primavera ... $15.95
A medley of fresh vegetable in a cream tomato sauce

Penne Vodka ... $15.95
Penne in a creamy tomato sauce with vodka

Gnocchi Caprese ... $15.95
Handmade potato gnocchi in a traditional tomato sauce with basil and fresh mozzarella

Fettuccini Alfredo ... $15.95
Homemade fettuccine in a creamy sauce

Ravioli di formaggio ... $15.95
Homemade ravioli stuffed with cheese, in a tomato sauce

Lasagna Bolognese ... $15.95
Layers of pasta, beef ragu and mozzarella topped with tomato and a bechamel cream sauce

Fettuccini con Pollo ... $16.95
Grilled chicken, fresh broccoli and sun-dried tomatoes sauteed with olive oil and garlic

Tortellini Milano ... $16.95
Prosciutto and peas in a cream sauce

Spaghetti Vongole e Cozze ... $17.95
Clams and mussels in a light tomato sauce

Capellini Malafemmina... $19.95
Fresh scallops, shrimp, clams and mussels in a light fresh tomato and basil

Rigatoni Mare E Monte ... $18.95
Fusilla pasta with fresh salmone porto bello mushroom in a lite cream tomato sauce

Rigatoni Calabrese ... $15.95
Traditional tomato sauce with ricotta cheese and eggplant

Eggplant Parmigiana ... $15.95

Pollo (chicken)

Pollo Sorrentino ... $16.95
Chicken breast baked with eggplant, fresh tomato, mozzarella cheese in a light fresh tomato sauce

Pollo Contadino ... $16.95
Chicken breast sautéed with garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts and mushrooms in a Marsala sauce

Pollo Scarpariello ... $16.95
Grilled chicken breast sautéed with mushrooms, garlic, peppers and sausage in a light balsamic sauce

Pollo Parmigiana ... $16.95

Vitello (veal)

Veal Parmigiana ... $18.95
Lightly breaded and fried veal baked with traditional marinara and mozzarella

Veal Marsala ... $18.95
Veal scaloppini sautéed with marsala wine and wild mushroom

Veal Saltimbocca ... $18.95
Braised veal with Parma prosciutto, fresh spinach and mozzarella in a white wine sauce

Veal Pizzaiola ... $18.95
Sauteeed veal with onions, peppers and assorted mushrooms in a light tomato sauce

Pesce (fish)

Salmone Cartoccio ... $21.95
Fresh salmon poached with fresh garlic, olive oil, white wine and fresh

Gamberi Fradiavolo ... $19.95
Gulf shrimp sauteed with garlic, spicy fresh tomato, clams & mussels

Gamberi Scampi ... $19.95
Gulf shrimp in a lemon white wine sauce

Red Snapper Marachiara ... $21.95
Fresh plum tomato, white wine, fresh basil clams & mussels

Specialitá Dello Chef (chef special’s)

Fettuccini Milano ... $19.95
Fettuccini with mushrooms, shrimp, and sea scallops in a creamy

Capellini Bosco & Mare ... $18.95
Capellini with shrimp, arugola, wild mushrooms, fresh tomato, garlic & white wine

Cuscinetti Di Pollo ... $18.95
Milk fed stuffed with fontina cheese, prosciutto, fresh basil, wild mushroom in a brand cream sauce

Cioppino ... $26.95
Mixed seafood, shrimp, calamari, clams and mussels in a light tomato sauce

Bistecca Ai Funchi ... $26.95
Rib-eye steak grilled to your liking smothered with sautéed wild mushrooms and rosemary

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